J N T U A College of Engineering (Autonomous), PULIVENDULA
Department of Bio-Technology

No. of Experiments in each Laboratory

Semester- I

  • Biochemistry lab – 9
  • Cell biology & Microbiology lab – 13
  • Molecular biology &Genetic Engineering lab – 11
  • Down Stream processing lab – 11
  • Bioinformatics lab – 6

Semester- II

  • Bio Process Engineering lab – 6
  • Instrumental Methods Analysis lab – 8
  • Plant Tissue culture lab – 6
  • Immunology lab – 9

Laboratory Equipments and List of Experiments

S.No Name of the – LAB No of experiment can be conducted Major equipment
1 Cell biology & Microbiology 13 Laminar Air flow Autoclave Rotary shaker BOD – incubator Hot air oven
2 Biochemistry 09 Hot air oven Electronic balance
3 Downstream processing 11 Laminar Air flow Autoclave
4 Molecular biology and Genetic Engineering 11 PCR Thermal cycler Horizontal Electrophoresis kit Vertical Electrophoresis kit U.V.Visible Spectrophotometer U.V.Transilluminator Gel Dryer Weighing balance Microfuge
5 Instrumental method of analysis 08 HPLC Dry bath Spectrophotometer
6 Bioprocess and engineering 06 Bioreactor Ultra freezer Incubator

Advanced Instruments in The Department

Computer Controlled Bio Reactor

  • Used for demonstration to B.Tech students and for carrying out Project work.
  • Various projects like, alcohol production, enzyme production, amino acids production etc., can be carried out.


  • Used for separation ,purification and estimation of proteins and enzymes.

UV-Vis Spectro photo meter

  • Used to measure concentration of Biomolecules like DNA, proteins and organic acids.

Major Equipments

  • Costing more than Rs.5,00,000 – 02
    (HPLC, Bioreactor)
  • Costing more than Rs.50,000 – 12
    (UV-Vis spectrophotometer, PCR, Laminar Air flow, Microscope, -20oC Deep freezer, Electronic balance, Dry water bath, centrifuge, incubator, hot air oven, electrophoresis, micropipettes, autoclave)
  • Computer Facilities – 03

New Lab Proposals

Facility Details NO. Justification
Equipments Electronic balances 2 To weigh the chemicals it is required. This equipment is required to conduct the experiments as per the syllabus
Microscope(binocular, simple) 3 To observe the micro organisms.
Cold centrifuge 1 For the separation of different molecules based on the density at 4oC
Millipour water purifier 1 To sterilize the water
Refrigerator 2 To store the chemicals& cultures
Incubator and shaker 1 To incubate the cultures under stirring conditions
Compound microscope 6 To observe the micro organisms
Lyophilizer 1 For preserving the culture
PH meter 2 To estimate the PH values
Spectrofluorimeter 1 To measure the concentration of molecules
Distillation unit 3 To produce distilled water
Equipments Computerized Gel doc 1 To visualize the bands after completion of electrophoresis
Laminar airflow 1 To maintain aseptic condition
Autoclave 1 For the sterilization
Digital PH meter 2 To estimate the PH values
Hot plate with stirrer 1 To maintain uniform suspension
Hot air oven 1 To maintain specific temperature
Computers 30 To perform bioinformatics experiments
Printer cum scanner 1 To take the printouts
Furniture To establish new bioinformatics lab to place the systems
Tray Dryer 1 For purification the Fermented products
Floatationcell 1 To separate undesired products from the Fermented products
Air conditions 8 To maintain the specific temperature for culture room, bio informatics lab
Equipments Waterproff PC tester 1 To estimate the water conductivity
Green house hood 1 Incubation of the plants
Glass ware
Separating Funnel 15 For Filtration
Micropippets 8 For measuring the low volume of samples
Micro filters 1 For Filtration
Test tube holding stands 4 To hold the test tubes
Culture tubes 250 To culture the organisms
Culture flask vessels 20 To culture the organisms
Pipetts 40 For measuring the solutions
Measuring cylinders 5 For measuring the solutions
Beakers 20 To store the solutions
Petri dishes 40 To culture the microbes
Microtome 1 To cut the thin slices
Teaching Kits Immunology 10 To carry out the experiments in immunology lab
Miscellaneous(Like scissors syringes needles , aluminium foils, cotton rolls etc) Supporting ancillary materials for smooth conducting of experiments