Department of Chemistry
About Department

The department of chemistry is one of the faculty constitutes center for of academic excellence. Since its inception in 2006, the department has been engaged in imparting the highest level and quality of academic education and has focused upon addressing key scientific problems, which have gathered worldwide appreciation and recognition.

This department has provided four ( one is vacant) member faculty expertise in frontier level of research, the main areas of research being solid state chemistry and inorganic materials, coordination chemistry, analytical chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, Photochemistry, polymer science, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, green chemistry, nuclear chemistry, Engineering chemistry, Metallurgy & Material Science, Environmental Sciences.

The Department offers a Engineering Chemistry course in the first year for all B.Tech branches.

The strength of the department has been and continues to be excellence in teaching and good enough in research with the existing facilities. The faculty of the department is well qualified, and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching and research.

The department receives support from a research grants from Board of Research on Nuclear Science (BRNS), Bombay.