Carpet Area: 9075 sq.m
Built-up area: 12609 sq.m
Number of rooms in the Hostel: 368
Total Number of Boys and Girls residing in the hostels: 1285

Facilities provided in the Hostels:
  • Safe drinking water through R.O.System
  • Water coolers
  • Dispensary
  • Bank and ATM services within the campus
  • Reading room : Magazines, newspapers, books on personality development
  • Indoor Sport facility : Chess, Table Tennis and Caroms
  • T.V.Room.
  • Cooperative stores
Hostel Admission Fee

The Hostel admission fee for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students is Rs. 2500/- and for 1st year students is Rs. 3500/-. The student can pay the Hostel admission fee in the Hostel Establishment account through SBI e collect
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S.No Hostel Name Hostel Type (Boys or Girls) Intake Capacity No. of students residing
1. Krishna Boys 328 321
2. Godavari Boys 248 213
3. Thungabhadra Boys 220 173
4. Penna Girls 328 293
5. Chitravathi Girls 290 285
Hostel administrative faculty
S.No Faculty Name Designation Contact No
1. Dr. G.Murali Officer Incharge, Hostels +91-7670902321.
2. Dr.S.Radha Krishna Deputy Warden,

IV B.Tech Boys Hostel

3. Smt.S. Aparna Deputy Warden,

I B.Tech & II B.Tech Girls Hostel

4. Smt. C.Prabhavathi. Deputy Warden,

III & IV B.Tech Girls Hostel

5. Sri. N. Murali Mohan Deputy Warden,

II B.Tech Boys Hostel

6. Sri. S. Hussain Basha Deputy Warden,

I B.Tech Boys Hostel

7. Sri. C.CHANDRASEKHAR REDDY. Deputy Warden,

III B.Tech Boys Hostel