J N T U A College of Engineering (Autonomous), PULIVENDULA
Academic Council
Academic Council: Structure & Functions

The University has granted academic autonomy to JNTUA College of Engineering, Pulivendula from the academic year 2013-14 for framing the academic regulations, course structure and syllabi for the institution. For this purpose, College Academic Council has been constituted by the University. The composition of the College Academic Council is given below:

S.No Position Designation
1 The Principal (Ex-Offcio) Chairman and Convenor
2 Vice Principal (Ex-Officio) Member
3 Heads of the Departments Members
4 College Teacher's Representation (All Professors Ex-Officio) Members
5 External Members 3 Members (Nominated by the university)
6 Directors of the University ( Ex-Officio) 1.Director, Academic & Planning, JNTUA
2.Director of Evaluation, JNTUA

Without prejudice to the generality of functions mentioned, the Academic Council will have powers to:

  • Scrutinize and approve the proposals with or without modification of the Boards of Studies with regard to courses of study, academic regulations, curricula, syllabi and modifications thereof, instructional and evaluation arrangements, methods, procedures relevant thereto etc., provided that where the Academic Council differs on any proposal, it will have the right to return the matter for reconsideration to the Board of Studies concerned or reject it, after giving reasons to do so.
  • Make regulations regarding the admission of students to different programmes of study in the college.
  • Make regulations for sports, extra-curricular activities, and proper maintenance and functioning of the playgrounds and hostels.
  • Recommend to the Governing Body proposals for institution of new programmes of study.
  • Recommend to the Governing Body institution of scholarships, studentships, fellowships, prizes and medals, and to frame regulations for the award of the same.
  • Advise the Governing Body on suggestions(s) pertaining to academic affairs made by it.
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Governing Body.
Members of College Academic Council:
S.No Name of the Member Designation Mail Id Contact No.
1 Prof. G.V.Subba Reddy Principal [email protected] +91 9000551427
2 Prof. G.V.Subba Reddy Vice Principal [email protected] +91 9000551428
3 Sri G. Murali Civil Engineering [email protected] +91 9701342402
4 Prof. V.Ganesh Electrical and Electronics Engineering [email protected] +91 8187892508
5 Prof. V. Venugopal Reddy Mechanical Engineering [email protected] +91 9701342404
6 Mrs. Sk.Taj Mahaboob Electronics & Communication Engineering [email protected] +91 9701342405
7 Sri G. Murali Computer Science & Engineering [email protected] +91 9701342406
8 Prof. G.V.Subba Reddy Chemistry [email protected] +91 9701342409
9 Dr. M. Suryanarayana Reddy Mathematics [email protected] +91 9701342413
10 Dr. K. Thyagarajan Physics [email protected] +91 9701342410
11 Dr. M. Sambaiah Humanities & Social Sciences [email protected] +91 9701342411
12 Prof. G. Sankara Sekhar Raju Professor of Mathematics [email protected] +91 9701342408
13 Prof. K. Subbarangaiah Founder Director, VEDAIIT [email protected], [email protected] 040-30615555
14 Dr. Sreenath Settur Head ToT, CDOT, Bangalore [email protected] +91 9448988749
15 Sri G. Krishna Murthy Naidu General Manager, Amara Raja Batteries [email protected] +91 9866178595
16 Prof. M.Vijayakumar Director, Academic & Planning, JNTUA [email protected] +91 9000551418
17 Prof. S.V.Satyanarayana Director of Evaluation, JNTUA [email protected] +91 9000551419