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Since its inception in 2006, the department has been engaged in imparting the highest level and quality of academic education and has focused upon addressing key economic and management strategies, which have gathered worldwide appreciation and recognition.

Irrespective of the branch of engineering, in order to be competent it is necessary to concentrate on use of better methods to carryout work, improve productivity and use the basic scientific concepts in designing work systems. Management Science is a better method, improve productivity, and design better work systems and so on. Hence, it becomes essential for an engineer to gain knowledge in Management Science.

Educational institutes have a vital role in imparting ethical and social values to the young. Though the subject of ethics has global appeal, every culture has some unique features, which needed to be embedded in education.

Students, when they join any organization, are influenced by its settings. If the right values are not imparted to them, then the prevailing environments will shape them. It is the moral responsibility of institutes to shape student’s attitudes.

Communicative English has gradually & steadily become a part of the coin temporary social scene with the world becoming a global village; the talented young generation has realized an urgent need to search for a medium with which to communicate. So in order to provide an excellent opportunity for self study to improve One’s spoken English and soft skills, there is a need to have an evaluation system to access.

The ELCS lab is specially designed to train Engineering Students to have that critical edge over others in the competitive world of global industries, organizations. It is created specially to suit engineering Students to learn the skills of what they would be expected to do as they advance in their careers. With its up-to-date coverage & practical orientation, the lab would prove to be an extremely useful for the students, while also serving a read reference for day-to-day communication.

Teaching Staff

S.No. Name of the faculty Designation Qualification Area of Specialization Experience
1. Dr.Sambaiah Medikonda Assistant Professor & Head i/c Ph.D., M.Phil., PGCTE, PGDTE, M.A,B.Com Literature & Soft Skills  11 Years
2. T.Ramesh Babu Adhoc. Lecturer Ph.D., M.phil., B.Ed, M.A., PGDWMA, B.A. Literature & English Grammar 12 Years
3 Dr.D.V.Lokeswar Reddy Adhoc. Lecturer PhD, PG-IRPM, PGDCA, MBA, B.E Finance, Industrial Relations and Personal Management 08 years
4 S.Hussain Basha Adhoc. Lecturer IRPM, M.Com, MBA, B.Com Finance, Industrial Relations and Personal Management 08 years
5 K.Ganga Ravi Kiran Adhoc Lecturer M.A, B.A Literature in English 02 years
Name of the Lab Software Available Worth Containing Equipment Quantity Total Establishment
Communication Skills (ELCS) Lab
Globareena Globareena Software 1,00,000/-
Computers 67 24,12,000/-
Air Conditioners 05 1,34,999/-
Stabilizers 05 7,999/-
Batteries 30 1,31,040/-
Head Sets 70 12,025/-
UPS 02 1,10,656/-
Total Rs. 29,08,719/-
Name National International Total
Dr.M.Sambaiah 01  03 04
Mr T.Ramesh Babu 01 01
Mr D.V.Lokeswar Reddy             — 04 04

Faculty Development Activities

Membership in academic bodies

S. No Name of the Faculty Memberships/ Member in Academic Bodies


Dr T.Narayana Reddy Indian Economic Association (IEA)
Member, Board of Studies in Humanities Department, JNTU A, Anantapur.


Name Conferences/Seminars/Workshops(National & International)
Dr.M.Sambaiah 2+7=09


Name Title
Dr.M.Sambaiah A Handbook of Career Guidance

Teaching-Learning methods

New educational and communication technologies are used in the teaching learning processes.

Departmental Best Practices

The department proposes to organize guest lectures for B.Tech students in the advanced management subjects.

Student Activities in the Department

Students actively participate in all the departmental activities.