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The department of chemistry is one of the faculty constitutes center for of academic excellence. Since its inception in 2006, the department has been engaged in imparting the highest level and quality of academic education and has focused upon addressing key scientific problems, which have gathered worldwide appreciation and recognition.

This department has provided four ( one is vacant) member faculty expertise in frontier level of research, the main areas of research being solid state chemistry and inorganic materials, coordination chemistry, analytical chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, Photochemistry, polymer science, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, green chemistry, nuclear chemistry, Engineering chemistry, Metallurgy & Material Science, Environmental Sciences.

The Department offers a Engineering Chemistry course in the first year for all B.Tech branches.

The strength of the department has been and continues to be excellence in teaching and good enough in research with the existing facilities. The faculty of the department is well qualified, and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching and research.

The department receives support from a research grants from Board of Research on Nuclear Science (BRNS), Bombay.

  • To provide a strong foundation in fundamentals of Chemistry through courses offered by the Department for Engineering Students in the Institute.
  • To provide broad based curriculum in chemistry with the aim of producing chemists with high professional competence and with awareness on the importance of chemistry in the technological world.
  • To Carry out research in thrust areas, both of basic and applied nature, on par with national institutions standards and thereby educate and train Ph.D students to become good scientists.
  • To develop research facilities, equipment and laboratories that would enable modern approach and solutions to all problems in chemistry and chemical industry, collaborative projects with other science and engineering departments.

Teaching Staff

S.No. Name of the faculty Designation Qualification Area of Specialization Experience
1. Dr.G.V.Subba Reddy Professor
& Vice Principal
M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDCS, MISTE Analytical, Electro Analytical Chemistry, Voltametry Environmental Sciences, Engineering Chemistry & Metallurgy & Material Science  20 Years
2. Dr.K.Sesha Maheswaramma Asst. Professor M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D Coordination Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Mineral Chemistry. 13 Years
3 Sri C. Sivananda Reddy Adhoc. Lecturer M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 06 years
4 Mrs.R.Ramadevi Adhoc. Lecturer M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 04 years
5 Ms.Anjali Adhoc Lecturer M.Sc Medicinal Chemistry 05 years

Non Teaching Staff

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience
1. Smt. M. Vijaya Rani Jr. Asst B.A 09 Years
2. M.G. Ramamuni Reddy Jr. Asst B.Sc, M.A, B.Ed 04 Years


Total area of the Department (in sq. ft./Sqm) = 66.88 Sqm

Total Laboratory area of the Department (in sq. ft./ Sqm) = 191.253 Sqm

Books & Journals

Total Investment Towards Laboratories

Details of Equipment

Research Project has been undertaken in the last five years

Paper Publications of Teaching Faculty

S. No. Name of the Faculty Papers published in reputed journals Total
National International
1. Dr. G. V. Subba Reddy 02 56 58
2. Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma 19 08 27
3. Sri C. Sivananda Reddy 01 01
4. Mrs. R. Ramadevi 00
5. Ms. Anjali 00
S. No. Name of the Faculty Conferences / Seminars / Workshops etc., Attended Total
National International
1. Dr. G. V. Subba Reddy 02 56 58
2. Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma 19 08 17
3. Sri C. Sivananda Reddy 01 01
4. Mrs. R. Ramadevi
5 Ms. Anjali

Departmental Best Practices

The department proposes to organize guest lectures for B.Tech students in advanced science and technology areas specifically in Nanotechnology, advanced materials and Environmental science.

Student activities in the department

Students actively participate in all the departmental activities.

Results analysis

The departmental results are encouraging for the fast three years.

Blue Books

Attendance registers are maintaining systematically according to the university procedure. Internal examinations are conducting as per the curriculum for 20 marks. All the faculty in the department are maintaining the teaching notes and dairies systematically.

Ph.D. guiding

Dr. G.V.Subba Reddy is presently guiding 06 students to pursuing of their Ph.D Degree.

Additional Qualification acquired

Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma Acquired M.Phil degree in 2007.

Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma Acquired Ph.D degree in 2013.

Books Authored

S.No Name of the Faculty & Designation Title of the book authored Name of the Publisher Year of release
01 Dr. G.V.Subba Reddy,
Associate Professor & Head
Engineering Chemistry TATA Mac GRAHILL Pvt limited, New Delhi August, 2009

Awards and honors received

S.No Name of the Faculty Name of the Award/Honour Year of received
01 Dr. G.V.Subba Reddy Dr. Suryanarayanamurthy memorial award 1991
First Rank in Analytical Chemistry master degree 1991
02. Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma Justice P.C.Reddy meritorious student award in M.Sc., 2001
First Rank in Mineral Chemistry master degree 2001

Membership in Academic Bodies

S.No Name of the Faculty Membership in Academic Bodies
01 Dr. G.V.Subba Reddy Life member of ISTE
Member of Governing Body, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Anantapur
Member of Governing Body, S. Chaavan College of Pharmacy, Nellore
Mermber of Governing Body, Sri Vidyanikethan College of Pharmacy A.Rangampet, Tirupati
Member, Board of Studies in Chemistry at JNTUA
02 Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma Life member of ISTE

Additional responsibilities assign to the department

S.No Name of the Faculty Additional Responsibility assigned
01 Dr. G.V.Subba Reddy Officer In-Charge Academic Section
02 Dr. K. Sesha Maheswaramma Deputy Warden for Girls hostels

Future Plans to start New Courses


  • The department is proposing to start a new P.G. Course in M.Sc Organic Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry.
  • The College is locating in rural area surrounded by number of small and major scale Industries like Spinning mills, Cement Industries, Polymer Industry, Uranium Corporation of India, Bramhini Steels Private Limited. Starting of these P.G. Programmes definitely enhance the job potentiality among the rural youth in industry and Academic Institutions.
  • The department has established the Engineering Chemistry laboratory for B.Tech programme. According to the syllabus for P.G. programmes, the existing laboratory will be strengthened. However, if necessary some of the laboratories and instrumentation facility make use from the Biotechnology department.
  • The department is having well qualified (Ph.D) faculty and utilize their services to run the proposed new M.Sc., programme.

Total Estimated Expenditure

The Department of chemistry is proposing for M.Sc., Organic Chemistry/ Analytical Chemistry programme for the academic year 2011-12. The Post graduate programme is required the following expenditure towards labs, faculty, none-teaching staff etc.

Detailed head of expenditure Estimated cost in lakhs
Faculty salaries 36.00
Non-Teaching staff 4.00
Equipment 27.50
Glassware 2.50
Furniture 5.00
Books & Journals 5.50
Total in lakhs 80.50

Linkages with other Institutions

The department of Chemistry is maintaining relation with respect to the academic & research activities with the neighboring Universities and National Institutions ie. Sri Yogivemana University, Kadapa and Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati and Uranium Corporation of India under department of D.A.E and IGCARL, Pulivendula.


The Dept. is wish to start the new P.G. course for the academic year 2011-12 The college is located in rural area as well as surrounded with number of industries, definitely encourage the course and useful for the rural people to uplift their Socio-economic status in the society. To establish the P.G. course, definitely funding is required. UGC committee is requested to assist the financial assistance to launch the P.G. course At JNTUA College of Engineering, Pulivendula for encouraging the rural institutions.

Facilities available in the department

S.No Name of the equipment Quantity Value of equipment(Rs.)
1 Computers with printers 6 2,50,000
2 Digital copier 1 1,20,000
3 3 KVA UPS 1 85,000
4 UV-Visible double beam spectrophotometer 1 3,50,000
5 Conductivity meters 5 2,00,000
6 Digital pH meter 4 50,000
7 Viscometers 4 80,000
8 Digital bomb calorimeter 1 1,35,000
9 BOD incubator 1 52,000
10 COD apparatus 1 40,000
11 Water Analyzing kit 1 40,000
12 Four Transform Infrared Spectrometer 1 9,80,000
13 Gas Chromatography 1 9,90,000
14 Digital balance 3 3,00,000
15 Nitrogen, Oxygen, hydrogen cylinder 1 (each) 40,000
16 Fume Hude 1 1,80,000
17 Double distillation unit 1 75,000
18 De-Mineralization water unit (Io-Exchanger) 2 1,80,000
19 DO METER 1 25,000
20 Electrochemical workstation 1 8,08,950