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    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

               The Department of Computer Engineering was established in the year 2006. It administers bachelor's programs in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as master's degree programs in Computer Science and Engineering. The department offers an Under Graduate (UG) program in Computer Science and Engineering, a full time Post Graduate (PG) program in Computer Science. The department's strengths include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, renowned faculty, strong focus on undergraduate education balanced with leading-edge research, and emphasis on leadership, service and ethics.


  • Creating Academic & Research Environment which enables faculty & students torespond to changing societal needs & emerge as department of professional excellence.

  • Doing the pioneering work which influences the society in the field of Information technology and making ourselves adaptive by getting influenced by societal needs.


  • To do exemplary Research work which enable us to contribute to the societal needs.

  • Provide state of art computer facilities in the department.

  • Provide "Learn-by-practice" environment and making the students self sufficient.

  • Provide state of learning facilities in the department.

  • Producing students who are knowledgeable, society-focussed, creative, adaptive and motivated.

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About Us:

              Research and Development (R&D) cell is to strengthen the research activities in the department. The ever changing modern world is facing multiple challenges technologically and undergoing unexpected problems day by day. It certainly requires great attention by the technologists which further is heavily on the shoulders of the computer science students as the world is being virtually ruled by it. It is found that all the students are abundantly possessed with extraordinary capacity to think creatively and take up the challenging tasks. Therefore, in order to galvanize their innovative spirit, channelize their investigative activities and accommodate their inquisitive motif, the department has established the R&D Cell. The main motto of the Cell is to improve existing products and procedures or to encourage developing new products and procedures. The activities set around discovering new knowledge about products, process, and services, and then applying that knowledge to create new and improved products, process, and services that meet the global market needs.

Vision :

  • Instilling an investigative spirit among the students of the department in the field of computer science or interdisciplinary by creating an outstanding platform and environment so that they may expand their technical know-how and contribute the best to the domain by their creative and innovative performance.

Mission :

  • To motivate the creativity and problem solving attitude of the students.

  • To encourage likeminded students to come under one platform.

  • Encourage them to take up the project in their interested domain.

  • To provide them guidance and infrastructure accordingly.

  • To monitor the students periodically and suggest them further improvements.

  • To scrutinize meticulously the practicality and originality of the output.

  • To encourage them to utilize output properly for the benefit of the University and society.


    1.After orientation class, the batches should be formed.

    2.Each group contains 3-5 members.

    3.Each group will be monitored by a faculty.

    4.The team has to finish the task within the stipulated period.

    5.The candidates who are participating as a team must share their work.

    6.Each candidate must update their day to day periodical performance.

    7.The change of the project domain must be changed within 15 days, if they require.